Friday Spotlight - Grant Sabo

Posted by Hannah Zeciri on

What’s your name?

Grant Sabo



How long have you been training?
Coming up on 5 years.

Where are you from?

What do you do for a living?
Business analyst at an insurance company.

What gym do you train at?
Otto Clark Jiu Jitsu

How did you get into bjj?
I joined a gym for the cardio boxing and got curious/talked into trying it by my buddy Will, since Otto’s gym was inside of the boxing gym.

What are your goals for this year?
Jiu jitsu wise-enter and do well in a few tournaments at the new rank. Life-buy a house.

What is your biggest accomplishment and why?
Toss up between landing an amazing wife and being a father to a beautiful baby girl.

What do you want your legacy to be?
Boy, these questions got heavy really fast! Lol. I want to be remembered as a man who loved his family and friends. Who loved learning as much as teaching. A man who could always be counted on in a time of need. And a man of Faith.

How has bjj impacted your personal life?
I’ve met people from all walks of life in all areas of the country who have, without exception, graciously accepted me as a member of the community. We truly are an amazing group of people, coast to coast.

Who has influenced you the most?
My parents, without question. I’ve also been lucky to have some great teachers and coaches along the way, too.

I know, you have a young daughter. Have you found that your training and/ or purpose for training has changed any?
Right around the time my daughter was born, the original boxing gym that OCBJJ was inside of closed. OCBJJ moved to a new location and I decided to forego the boxing regimen in favor of more mat time. Since I can no longer be gone 4 nights a week, I picked up a couple 6AM classes a week cross training at Ferro Academy. As for the purpose, one of my maxims has always been to protect the helpless. This just gives me another huge reason to continue that.

How do you spend your free time?
Oh boy. Here we go. Of course family time is paramount. Apart from BJJ, I also like gardening. I do color commentary for the North Central College football TV broadcasts. Love spending summer weekends at our family’s cottage in WI. My wife and I belong to The Adventures Club Bourbon Society. I have a couple of great dogs that I love to spend time with. I play chess—poorly. I’m a Freemason. Love listening to podcasts. Reading is great when I have time—currently reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Favorite submission or position?
Really favoring head and arm from mount lately. It changes pretty often, though.

Any advice for our readers on or off the mats?
If a nice thought about someone pops into your head, make sure you let them know what the thought was. You never know what kind of day they’re having and it might make their day a little brighter.