What’s Up From Stoughton Wisconsin

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What’s up guys, day late and a dollar short… story of my life. Anyway, it’s Thursday morning and we’re chilling out by the camp fire about to head into Madison.  For those that don’t know we made the 400 mile trek up to train at Stoughton BJJ for the week.  It was a quick 8 hour drive with some sightseeing along the way.  Before we get into the Jiu Jitsu I gotta say we had some gangster donuts at Fosdal Bakery, and had dinner at Viking Brew Pub last night. I can’t recommend either of those places enough, if you’re ever in the area you need to check them out. Okay on to the Jiu Jitsu…

On Saturday we’ve got a donation based open mat from 10-noon as we raffle off some gear and raise money for Gis 4 GIs. For those that are unfamiliar Stoughton BJJ is a Chris Hauter, Combat Base affiliate just outside of Madison Wi.

Located right off the main drag of town, the gym isn’t difficult to find. As you walk in you instantly understand the importance of the facility. 6 flags hang from one wall, each representing a branch of the military. On the other, affiliate banners and medals… but probably most important is the child area. If you’re a parent you understand this right away. Trying to find somewhere to train when you have a small child can seem near impossible at times. Tie in the family class that happens twice a week where kids and parents get to share the mats and you understand the soul of this place. Genuineness.

My son partook in the kids gi and nogi classes, and although he doesn’t do much Jiu Jitsu he does wrestle about 10 hours a week year round. Despite his lack of technique the coaches were patient with him and super helpful, which I’m very grateful for. He’s a bit of a machismo though and has it in his brain and thinks he’s going to just blast double his way through Jiu Jitsu 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Make no mistake about it, while this has a full family atmosphere the rolls can be tough. Several stout wrestlers made for some gritty rounds, and some very clean Jiu Jitsu from the higher ranks. Nothing forced, nothing cranked, just smooth technical movement. Coaches Joe, Evan, Tasha & Caleb are super detailed in their explanation of technique, and don’t rush instruction. This may seem like a no brainer to some, but on numerous occasions I’ve experienced lack luster instruction with little enthusiasm.  You can feel the genuine interest in growth from the entire coaching staff.

As for us we’ve got one more practice, two open mats, and we’re headed back home to Missouri. We’ve got an idea on where our next trip might be but don’t want to throw it out there too soon. As far as the company goes, we’ve got a full schedule of drops lined up. Right now the brand new Black Sox theme Gi and NoGi set is up live on the site.  Next week we have some super clean all ripstop travel gis that we’re releasing. Keep your eyes open because the next year or two we’ve got a lot planned…

We will be back with a new post for our Friday spotlight.