What's Up Wednesday 8/10/22

Posted by Hannah Zeciri on

What's up guys? 
Welcome to our very first Blog post where we bring you all the inside scoop on what's going on in the Kayo World.  Each week you can stop by to find out what designs we're working on, what gyms we plan on traveling to, when new merch drops will be, and whatever we might have going on.

These next few months are going to be extremely busy for us.  We're working on setting a schedule to visit some of our Ambassador's gyms (check back in a week or two for that), we've got an extensive schedule for merchandise drops starting 8/30 moving on through the end of the year, and we're working on creating a bunch of new content for our fans.

This week we're starting to add more content to the website, including a FAQ page (you can check out here), an all new sizing page; when finished will be the most detailed yet simple sizing guide within the Jiu Jitsu community, and of course our new blog which you're reading right now ;).  

Moving forward in the coming weeks we'll be doing a better job with our product media, I know it's been slacking a bit lately.  We'll be showcasing each product with high quality display photos as well as action shots on athletes (or just plain humans).  If you want to be featured on one of our product pages shoot us a message and let us know!

Lastly, we eventually want to add some guest blog posts so if you or someone you know are interested in having their content featured on our website you can get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Make sure to come back on Friday for our Friday Spotlight where we'll be featuring an Ambassador or Athlete for Kayo.