What's Up Wednesday 8/17/22

Posted by Hannah Zeciri on

What's up everybody??
Wednesday is winding down, so hopefully you've gotten a chance to get some solid training in and can make a strong push before sliding into the weekend.  But let's face it you're probably going to hit up a least one open mat Saturday or Sunday, because, "Why not?"

We've been pretty busy over here.  I know it may not look like it, but a lot of work has been done on behind the scenes things. The website is getting a complete overhaul and we are finalizing some cool street wear items and more belts.

So what can you guys expect???  We should have our website relaunching next week.  It will feature a little cleaner design and some crisp pictures of you (our awesome customers) rocking various gis.  We're still working on getting a comprehensive sizing guide put together.  Be patient, because it will be worth the wait.  If you are someone who just has a hell of a time finding the best fit then it should really be of assistance.  

We are also working on getting our other social media outlets up and running.  I know not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram so we want to make sure everyone can follow or reach out if need be.  One of our future projects is getting a Youtube channel going.  This one is going to take a few weeks since we want to put some technique videos, product overviews, interviews, and video of our travels.

Travels-- If you missed out on last weeks post then you might not know that Team Kayo is hitting the road to a gym near you.  At the end of August we will be visiting Stoughton, WI to spend the week training/ hanging out/ and getting to know Joe and the rest of his crew better.  Something cool is in the works for Sept 3rd at the gym and next week's blog post should be a little more detailed about the event.  Brandon and I are also working on upcoming adventures to other gyms, so stay tuned.  More dates and locations will be released soon!

I won't keep you any longer, because if you're like me you've probably got kids/ family to hang out with or need to get ready for the next day. 
BUT I will give you a sneak peek of our next release, "The Black Sox" Drop.  It will feature 2 gis and a nogi kit.  Next Wednesday I'll have a full run down on it. 

Finally, if you haven't yet, make sure you check out the blog post we dropped on Monday (What's the Best Way to Clean Your Gi) and follow us on Facebook & Instagram.  I should have some giveaways up there soon!

Make sure to come back on Friday for our Friday Spotlight where we'll be featuring an Ambassador or Athlete for Kayo.