What's Up Wednesday 8/24/22

Posted by Hannah Zeciri on

Half way through the week and boy has it been busy!  We are taking this show on the road, so we have been checking things off the todo list before we head out.   All next week we will be training and hanging out with the crew at Stoughton BJJ, up in Stoughton Wisconsin.  The head coach and owner, Joe Miller, has been a Kayo Athlete for the last few years and we are extremely excited to make the trip up there and spend time at his gym.  (Joe was also our first Friday Spotlight Athlete, so make sure to check that out).

Our week in Stoughton will wrap up with a donation based open mat.  We will be collecting funds to donate to Gis for GI's.  Gis for GI's is a non profit organization that supports active duty military, veterans, and first responders by sending them martial arts uniforms to be able to train.  Joe (being a military veteran himself) felt this would be a great group to donate to and we agreed!!  Our company will be hosting a raffle at the event as well and will have some cool Kayo gear as prizes (raffle funds will go to Gis for GI's as well).  The open mat will be held on Saturday, September 3rd, at Stoughton BJJ and will start at 10 am.  Click this link to see the Facebook Event Page.

I'd hoped to share some full pictures of our Black Sox Gear, but it won't be here until tomorrow.  So if you want to see all of the details and maybe even a little video unboxing then check out our Instagram or Facebook page.

Other items in the works...
We've been working on numerous projects and will be rolling out some full ripstop travel gis at the beginning of September.  We tested samples with ripstop jackets and pants and FINALLY decided it was time to put them in production.  I know that everyone who travels will really like them, because they take up virtually no space and dry extremely fast.  Beyond the Black Sox and the travel gis we will drop some street wear soon.

Before I wrap this up...
If you guys want to keep up with our journey next week then follow along on Instagram and Facebook.  I'll share pics of our accommodations, the gym, some rolling, and more!  

Make sure to come back on Friday for our Friday Spotlight where we'll be featuring an Ambassador or Athlete for Kayo.